Brandon was born in Garden Grove, California. Before his first birthday, he moved to Yonkers, New York with his mother where he would ultimately be raised.


Brandon always had a creative mind. As a young child, his mother taught him how to draw and he picked up the skill with ease. Around that same time, Brandon signed a deal with a local modeling agency in White Plains, NY doing print ads. But as he grew older, Brandon's creative interests began to evolve. At age 14, he started to show interest in music and began writing songs with his friends. Shortly after that, he began making his own beats with a torrented music program that he downloaded from the internet. From that experience, he immediately knew that music would play a major role in his life.


In high school, Brandon became obsessed with the process of creating music and began his journey in developing his artistry. Brandon is a self taught pianist/keyboardist, rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, composer, arranger, recording engineer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer. In college, he was able to take his unique set of skills and refine them with help from Grammy Award nominated/winning producers, writers, and engineers.


After college, Brandon founded PAZ Music Group, an independent label/collective where he and other artists create and release music through.